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MyFace Casting is an exciting and contempory Melbourne based boutique style Casting Agency with a limited number of Actors, Extras & Models on the books.
We believe that by keeping the 'numbers' low, we can maximise exposure and provide the best possible management experience to our members.

With an extensive casting history in Film, Television, Print & Training Videos, MyFace Casting will give you the opportunity to expand and explore your talents.

We take talent on board based upon their look, skills, and attitude. However if you have little to no experience in the industry but are looking to try something new, are confident, motivated and reliable, we would like to hear from you!

We take talent predominantly from 15 years to 99 years, both male and female, couples and families. All sizes, looks and nationalities are accepted. However we are now also taking on select children based on talent and capabilities.

You will find our contact details on the apply page.







MyFace is a boutique style agency representing a select number of Actors, Featured Extras, Extras and Models for television, films, TV commercials, photographic modeling, training videos and print advertising.


We are looking for people to join MyFace Casting that are reliable, capable, fun, and easygoing and have a passion for the Film, TV and Modeling Industry.


We carefully select people based upon their enthusiasm, dedication, work ethic, abilities and 'look'.


Although no agency can ever guarantee work, we work hard to promote you for anything you may be suitable for and by joining MyFace Casting you are increasing your exposure to Melbourne's leading advertising agencies, consultancies, directors and producers.


It may be that you are able to deliver lines and are looking for acting or bit-part work. It may be that you are looking to gain more confidence, meet new people or try something different. You may be a model looking for the 'next big break', retired, a student or self employed!


Whatever your story is, we are happy to send you an application form to review your ability, if suitable, we will book you for an interview.


At the time of interview, headshot photography will be taken of you. MyFace Casting uses professional model photographer Fred Zinggl of Zinggl Photography to take headshot portraits of you.

This is what MyFace Casting will use to promote and register you with on




Please email us requesting an application form:


We will forward you an application form that must be completed and returned via email with the following:

- Resume/CV/Show Reel
- 1 x Head shot
- 1 x Body shot

- 2 x character/working references


We will review your application for suitability.

If you are successful we will be in touch to book you for an interview.


This interview will outline to us your capabilities and photography will be taken of you at this time.


It will also determine how we promote you. This will be your chance to ask any questions, to show your portfolio and demonstrate your skills.



MFC Is competitive with yearly fee's, charging just a fraction of what some agencies charge, AND this fee includes photography.

MFC is also willing to look at your photography or portfolio and to incorporate some of your photos if it meets our approval which will help save you money.


Please contact us if you wish to know more about our fee's.

0423 699 107






Clients, Consultancies & Casting Personnel

We are happy to suggest and submit talent for any project you may be working on.


If you do not already have a password for our gallery please email a brief through or call the number below.


PO Box 387
Lilydale VIC 3140


M:  0423 699 107





If you wish to apply, please look on the Apply page. More information and instruction can be found there.


PO Box 387
Lilydale VIC 3140


M: 0423 699 107





WHEN: Friday 28 October 2016
TIME: By Appointment
WHERE: Collins St, Melbourne - Exact address will be emailed to you upon confirmation.
HOW: Email us requesting an application form and further information:


MyFace Casting will be conducting an audition/casting day for Actors, Models and Background Extras that are interested in joining a reputable agency, to be promoted for Film, TV & Print Campaigns. Places are very limited with only 10 spots availabe to suitable alent.


All ages, nationalities and sizes are welcome to apply and we are now representing select children, those we think have the capabilities and skills to undertake bookings for our clients.


We are an exclusive agency and do not take on just anybody. We are selective in whom we choose to represent as we only want the best!


Please note that you do not need experience in this industry, just the right attitude, work ethic and passionate zest for life!


Upon meeting you, if we feel that you have something to offer MFC, you will be welcomed to join us and photography will be taken of you, to kickstart the process of promoting you to our clients.


For more information email us at: